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Birthday Party Contract

2 Hour minimum - $150. $50 for each additional hour.


An average of 10 – 15 guests will be painted per hour. Please take this into consideration when making your booking.


A deposit of $50 is required to reserve your date and will be applied as a credit towards the hourly rate. Your date will not be booked until payment is received.

One week rescheduling/cancellation notice is required to change the date/time of the party. Party dates that are changed without one week’s notice will not receive a refund of the deposit.

Event Set Up:

For small private events, please provide a small table and 2 chairs. We will bring necessary paints, glitters, and other supplies. Please note for outdoor events, space provided must be shaded. If shaded space is not available, please let us know in advance ($50 set up charge will apply for us to set up our tent).


Artists will have paid breaks every two hours and access to a restroom.


Extreme adverse working conditions:

Artist has the right to cease painting and leave without refunding any money if there are extreme adverse working conditions in which the client fails to remedy the situation after it has been brought to the client’s attention. Adverse conditions include but are not limited to destructive, violent, or extremely inappropriate behavior of a child or pet, illegal activities, or otherwise dangerous conditions.


Any time beyond the time booked will cost $80 per hour or $40 per half hour per artist will a full half hour charge being due for 1-30 minutes of overtime. However, only booked times with deposits are guaranteed, additional time on the day of event may not be available, although artist will attempt to accommodate requests for additional time.

Travel Fees:

Travel fees of $25 per half hour increment apply when the event is more than 30 minutes from Lincoln, Nebraska.



Face paints used have been designed for professional use and comply with FDA regulations for cosmetic use. As with any cosmetics, some people may develop sensitivity to one of the ingredients. We are not responsible for any such reactions.

If you have any concerns regarding a child’s reaction to face paints, please request a patch test ½ hour in advance, or opt for a hand painting.

We will not paint anyone who, in the opinion of the face paint artist appears to be suffering from cold sores, conjunctivitis, a facial skin infection, or open wound. We will not paint children who refuse the service or are unable to sit still.

The artist will use reasonable care but is not responsible for damage to clothing or property.

Under no circumstances will artists supervise children. Their behavior and safety is the Client’s and/or Parent’s’ responsibility.

To remove face paint: gently massage gentle soap onto the design and blot away with a wet wash cloth. If paint remains on the skin after being washed, use lotion or coconut oil to gently remove.

Clothing that has been in contact with face paint should be cold soaked overnight with an oxygen activated stain remover before washing normally.

This contract does not go into effect until the deposit is received to secure your date; all dates and times are agreed upon by both parties. Full/final payment must be received upon our arrival at the event.

Smiley Face Painting looks forward to making your party memorable! We encourage you to contact us if you have any questions or concerns. We will work with you as best we can to accommodate your requests!

Thank you for booking us!

We look forward to helping you make your party fun & memorable!

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